Overheard On The Scanner is an attempt to compile the funny stuff overheard on police and fire scanners from around the United States. This is still a fairly new website, but it's growing. If you would like to contribute, you can listen to scanners from around the world by clicking Listen to Scanners above

We strive to keep this site family friendly. As such, we will avoid posting any overheards that might not be appropriate for all audiences. It is true that sometimes funny stuff is overheard relating to body parts, certain crimes, insults, etc., but these are the types of things that will not be posted on this site. From time to time, however, some posts with minor language may be put up.

When overheards are submitted from city suburbs, we will usually change the post title to the nearest big city, only to avoid having excess post labels from small towns. This also serves visitors to the site who may not know where a smaller town is. Whenever we change a post title, we will include a note in the post itself indicating the exact name of the town where the original quote came from.

In addition, we realize that the work done by police and fire agencies is often of a somewhat sensitive nature. As such, we will always strive to keep specific identifying information out of our posts. Any specific names, specific addresses, or specific details about an incident will be changed to respect the agencies working the incidents.

Finally, as humorous as this site may be, it is important to keep in mind that the police officers, fire fighters, and EMS responders around the country are all people to be respected. They keep us safe and are often local heros, doing jobs that the rest of us wouldn't be able to. They deserve our respect, even if we laugh at some of the funny things they say.

For now, OHotS is United States only, but there are police scanners in other countries, and we are open to expanding in the future. So tell your friends, let's make this site a hit!

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